Packing Services


As experienced packing specialists with over 10 years of experience, we offer both full and part packing services which are entirely customisable to meet your needs. We understand that you may not want us to pack all your belongings, but we are always happy to help you with the areas in which you would like our assistance. Moving to a new house can be very stressful and having some help can make the process much smoother and hassle free.

Our team have been fully trained to pack all items in a timely and effective manner, while ensuring their safety - we hand wrap all fragile items in recycled paper and everything is then lined with bubble wrap in strong double wall boxes for maximum protection. So, you can be sure that your possessions will be safe on their journey.

We can help you to settle in and find your belongings when you reach your new home by clearly labelling the contents of the boxes. This is done on large labels to ensure that you can find you processions as easily as possible.

We even supply wardrobe boxes to keep your hanging garments safe and secure. If it is easier for you can retain then until you are able to organise your own hanging areas.

We are dedicated to ensuring that your move is as smooth as possible. Have any questions about our packing services? Click here to get in touch or call us on 07944 755 439.

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