Moving Tips & Advice

Moving Checklist

Notify relevant utility companies of your pending move - it’s also important to book internet/TV providers for installation.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with the thought of moving don’t worry, you’re not alone! Start to de-clutter, look at charity shops, recycling centers or car boots sales, moving is a great time to do this and you may earn some money back.

Check your home insurance cover and make sure your new home is protected. We will insure your items whilst in our care.

Sending out address cards to all of your friends is a good decision especially if you are not in regular contact with them.

All unessential items should be packaged and boxed at least 2 weeks prior to moving so you can relax on the run up to move day.

Contact Royal Mail and arrange for your post to be forwarded to your new home so you don’t miss anything.

Packing a bag with essentials is good for when you arrive at your new home, as most things will all be boxed away, toiletries, spare clothes, and medicines are all handy to have on hand on move day.

Label the boxes you are moving, lounge, kitchen, master bedroom for example. We can also provide you with labels, or we can pack for you.

If you are dismantling your own furniture, simply put the screws, fittings back into the furniture or in a small clear bag and label them.

If you have a lot of electronics, TVs, Blu-Ray players, routers, computers, take a photo of them so it’s easier to connect back up at your new home, there's always lots of wires looking for the right home.

For mattresses, tables and large fragile items, please leave these items as we will fully protect them for you.

If you are unsure of anything else, please get in touch and we'll try to give you the best advice we can.

Please get in touch to discuss your FastStream move.